Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cooper, Cantaloupes, and Binding

Here was Cooper yesterday afternoon, relaxing on the porch. He had a good day!

Are you a fan of cantaloupes? I like them, but rarely buy them. I hate to go to the trouble of cutting one up only to find I didn't pick a ripe one. BUT, I discovered Sugar Kiss cantaloupes at Sam's Club last week. YUM! These are the sweetest melons!

And here's the back of my project. Yes, it's a hexie quilt. I'm making my way around, stitching the binding. This is a really fun quilt and would make a fabulous gift for almost anyone. You'll see the front in an upcoming issue of Hexie Love!

Speaking of Hexie Love, I'm working hard on the next issue - another great one!

I'm also un-sewing the center medallion of Odyssey. I don't have enough fabric to fix it, but I've ordered it - I'll have it fixed in no time!

The weather is gorgeous here this week, though HOT. Going up to 100 today! But I'm finding many ways to stay cool. I do love to sit on the back porch with two fans aimed at me. I can sew, read, or just relax with the dogs.

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