Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Cross Stitch Update

As you may guess from this picture, we are at our lake home enjoying a few days of R&R.  Mickey and Cooper love a boat ride!

Here was my view a few minute ago before the heat sent me back to the house. We'll go back outside after dinner when it's cooler.

I brought my cross stitch along, of course. Last night...on the last day of May...I finished this block. I always have to work extra hard at the end of the month to finish in time. Maybe in June I won't skip any days of stitching and won't have to hurry at the end.

I did a lot of personalization on this one in honor of Daughter 1. Her birth year is in the roof of the house. Her birth month and day are in the lower left. On the left side I stitched, 'AU Software Engineer' in honor of her degree and then added '+MBA' just above the house. The red T on the right side of the roof is for her husband, who is a football coach at a school with the colors of red and black. I also added their two dogs and their first initials - Scout - the black dog, and Boomer - the golden brown dog. 

So glad I got it done! Now I'm ready for June - bring it on!


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