Sunday, June 19, 2022

A Bit of Portrait Progress...and Eye Spy a Baby Quilt


I didn't accomplish much on the Sadie portrait this week - only 3 little 2" squares. But those squares did finish a row and said row in now sewn in place. I'm officially over half way done with this! And each row is getting easier and easier! 

I'm also trying to pick up speed on the Eye Spy quilt. Remember these are hand appliqued on Cherrywood backgrounds? I wasn't thrilled with the charm pack of conversational (novelty) prints that I purchased in Houston last year. So many of them wouldn't work in this quilt. They were too girly or the images were not in the center of the squares.

I ordered 2 more packs of novelty charms last week. One came in yesterday from Ebay and I am so happy with the prints! Yay! I'm back on track, trying to stitch one or two of these each day.

I went to another thrift store Friday and bought a few more blue/orange shirts for another baby quilt for Little Dude. I think I have plenty now. I washed them all and spent Saturday 'deboning' them. Now this fabric is ready to sew! I've been researching patterns for this quilt. I'm leaning toward Bonnie Hunter's Hour Glass Leader and Ender pattern: 

Imagine this much smaller in total size, but with bigger blocks, and made in orange/blue shirting. You can find the free pattern HERE.

And while we're in baby quilt mode (for Little Dude), I have a third quilt in mind. I found out the theme of the nursery - it will be very traditional, blues and white. So I ordered this fabric:

This is Moda French General - the blues. You probably are more familiar with the reds of this line. I'm not sure what pattern I'll make with this. 

That will be three baby quilts for Little Dude, which is the number I made for Sadie. I feel better now that the planning is almost done!

I realize I didn't share a cross stitch update this past week. I'm still trucking along and will share again mid week. Any progress is good progress. 

Enjoy your week!

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