Monday, June 27, 2022

I Bit of Sewing on the Weekend

What a busy week we had! But I did manage a few more blocks for Little Dude's eye spy quilt. It's growing! Excuse my crowded design wall...

I'm not sure how I managed this (BUSY WEEKEND!), but I did finish another row on the Sadie quilt. Woohoo! I'm so glad the rows are getting shorter!

Hubby decided we should do a switcheroo on some rooms in our home. So we spent most of the weekend moving furniture, taking down pictures, rehanging pictures, spackling holes, sanding, and touch up painting. Whew! I love Hubby, but I hope things are moved around to stay this time! Haha! 

And of course, after we finished the house needed to be vacuumed and mopped - thank goodness Hubby was up for those tasks (while I sewed).

Sadie will be surprised when she arrives this morning to see her room! 

Cooper was a bit worried about the entire process, but finally took a nap on a pile of bedding and a rug. He's glad we're finished, too!

I'm so happy that the weather will be a touch cooler this week. Last week was unbearable. We're looking forward to getting outside a bit more! Enjoy your week!


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