Sunday, June 12, 2022

Portrait Update! AND A Baby Quilt!

I made lots of progress over the weekend on this quilt! I finished a row yesterday. And today I almost finished another row. I'm going faster because I'm getting to the point that it is less complicated - there are more squares that are only one piece of fabric. 

I finished Sadie's face! There's still some hair left, but that's not hard. It will be smooth sailing soon, as soon as I finish those striped pants!

Do you remember this Eye Spy quilt I started earlier this year? I've had it on the back burner lately. Who am I kidding? Everything has been on the back burner while I concentrated on the Sadie portrait!'s time to get back at it! I need a baby quilt! Sadie is having a little brother later this year! We are all so excited, except for Sadie. She's a bit indifferent about the entire situation. 

You may remember that I made Sadie THREE quilts before she was born. I'm not sure what is planned for a nursery theme, but I may make a quilt to match that, too.

AND....I think I'll have to make an orange and blue baby quilt, too. I've started collecting orange and blue men's shirts for this one. It will make for a very soft quilt, don't you think? Not sure of a pattern yet...

Lots going on around here! 
Enjoy your week!!!!


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