Monday, June 6, 2022

A Tiny Bit of Sewing

It was a very busy week, so I only made a bit of progress on this. If you look closely (and compare to last week's photo seen below), you'll see that I did complete a row and I did a bit more around her face.

Those white papers are the patterns I've drawn for the bottom of the next row.

I want to finish those two incomplete diagonal rows before I go further. 

We were on vacation all week - which really means that our daughter was on vacation from work, so we didn't have Sadie with us during the week. Of course we spent a few days at the lake and this project didn't come with me. 

Plus we took a day to go to the zoo with Sadie and her mom one day...

....where we fed the giraffes with their very long tongues. What fun! One of the best parts of being around little kids is seeing the world through their eyes. 

Today we are back on schedule and ready to play with Sadie. In fact, I think a trip to the brand new inclusive playground here in town is in order this morning before it gets too hot. I hear it's spectacular. And we need to make banana bread, too. It will be a fun day!

I did get my second Covid booster on Friday - no ill effects for me! I had to wait 90 days post Covid to have this, but I'm all for any immunizations I can get. I'm convinced that the vaccines were why I did have only a mild case. I've heard of people who have gotten Covid twice, so I'll keep up my guard and defenses.

That's all for today. Have a great week!


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  1. I love watching the progress of Sadie on the swing. Looking good! Gail would have loved it.


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