Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Spiderweb and Scraps

I decided to pull out the spiderweb quilt yesterday - I made 14 of these half blocks. I laid these two out so you can see how they will be sewn in pairs. The quilt calls for 50 half blocks and I now have made 41 - only 9 more to go! Yay!

And here's a fresh look at the scrappy quilt; it's really growing! Every day I try to cut a few more pieces for this so I won't ever run out of pieces. My goal is simple to make a chunk for this daily - a chunk consist of several fabric pieces that I hand piece together. Then I hand stitch it to the mother ship. Some chunks may only have 4 pieces - some may have 12. It's growing faster than I expected so that is good!

I know some of you wonder...why the heck don't I just sew this by machine???!!!! Well, I could easily do that. But I do love hand piecing, and I love to do this while I watch TV.  I think if I were doing this by machine it would be as big by now. My new lap desk is awesome for this!!!!

I was a big winner last night at my neighborhood women's club meeting. I won a HUGE Valentine basket!


Here's what was inside:

There is candy, cookies, wine and wine glasses, mug and towel, valentine cards, headache pillow, cute pad and pen set, and a mani/pedi certificate. WOW!

I won a door prize at quilt guild recently and now this. I think I need to cross the Georgia line (only 20 minutes away) and buy a lottery ticket! What do you think?

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Let's go, I'll drive if actually hand my money over for my tickets! I never win anything!


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