Sunday, February 18, 2018


What a busy week I had! Lunches out, dinners out, meetings, workshops, and a quick trip to Birmingham! Oh my!

Friday afternoon I rushed back from B'ham and went straight to an Accuquilt workshop taught by an Accuquilt educator - Niki and sponsored by Stitch Therapy, our local quilt shop. Since I've owned my Studio for 10 years or so I wasn't sure I'd learn anything. But I did!

Niki did such a great job of explaining the different cutting systems and giving tips.

Niki also brought several quilts cut with the Accuquilt. I loved this one!

I stayed after for another workshop for the shop employees. Which leads to my next news! I'm going to be leading the new Accuquilt Club at the shop! So excited about this! We will meet monthly and I'll be sharing tips and ideas to make the most of Accuquilt cutters and dies.

I recently got my first Qube. A Qube is a set of 8 dies designed to work together to cut many different quilt blocks. When I say MANY, I mean MANY! I have a book (more later) that shows 72 different blocks that can be made. BUT wait, there's more!

There are really many more blocks that can be made with a QUBE - I learned how at the shop employee workshop. My Qube is for 12" finished blocks. I love it so much that now I want another Qube - trying to decide between the 6" Qube and the 8" Qube. (There's also a 9" Qube.) Oh, the possibilities! Did you know that die cutting with an Accuquilt is 90% faster than cutting with a rotary cutter?

This cute car was across the street from our house yesterday. Don't you LOVE it????

Maybe I'll sew later today??? I hope so!

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  1. Congratulations on the qube! You should join the qube fb group and join the QAL I'm hosting! A true sampler with different sized blocks.


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