Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Instant Pot? And Periwinkle Quilt Pattern

Are you wondering if I'm still loving my Instant Pot? YES! I now plan all my meals around it - I cook everything in it! This is a lasagna soup I made Sunday evening. It tastes just like traditional lasagna and only took minutes to make. SO GOOD!

Last night I cooked a whole chicken (in only 25 minutes). While I deboned the cooked chicken, I cooked brown rice in the leftover broth (in only 4 minutes). Then I added the chicken back into the pot. The broth made from cooking a whole chicken in a pressure cooker is so rich and tasty!

I typically select 3 recipes per week to make in my Instant Pot. We have plenty of leftovers to make it through the entire week.

Are you old enough to remember getting your first microwave oven? I remember the excitement of a new tool to cook faster. Well, that's the way I feel about my Instant Pot!

Yesterday I woke up with a severe headache and didn't feel like sewing. Or reading. Or anything. No worries, I'm fine. I started sneezing and realized it was a great big allergy attack. I even determined the cause: someone had given me a lovely candle. I never even lit it, but it gave off a strong, yet pleasant, aroma. That was the culprit. The lovely candle is now sitting outside until I gift it to someone else. It cannot live here, unfortunately. 

All that was to explain that spent some time yesterday on Pinterest. Typically my Pinterest time is spent looking for new pins. Yesterday I actually went through some of my own quilting boards. I found the pin for the above pattern HERE. This quilt is made from layer cakes (10" squares). I happen to have a few layer cakes in my stash (of course, I do!). 

I'm thinking I want to make this! So I may dig out the layer cakes today and figure out a fabric to use for the thin strips. 

And since I feel so much better today, I plan on sewing!!!! Yay!


  1. My DIL was gifted an Instant Pot. She loves it.

  2. I too love my Instant Pot! We had mac and cheese leftover which is fantastic! I cook dogs food and making brown rice for their food is a snap! I don't have to watch the pot or have the rice over done or under done!!! love that instant pot!!!! Glad your headache is gone! Take care!

  3. Can you share the source for the lasagna soup recipe? Looks really good. Love to follow your quilting progress - very inspiring.


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