Thursday, February 22, 2018

Fun Day

Yesterday Hubby asked me if there was anything I wanted to get out and do. Yes, indeed! I've been wanting to go to the Jan Dempsey Art Center here in Auburn to see the exhibit of Flavin Glover's quilts.

And so we went. Did you know Flavin also makes stuffed animals from old jeans?

Flavin lives in Auburn and is a member of our guild. She talked to the guild about her stuffed animals once a couple of years ago. They are really PACKED with stuffing - very firm. And so cute!

And of course her log cabin quilts are amazing!

The quilt above was Hubby's favorite.

One thing I found interesting (and wouldn't have noticed had not a friend told me about this ahead of time) was that Flavin embroiders her initials and date on each quilt. She uses matching embroidery thread so it's hard to spot. Hubby had a good time looking for the initials on every quilt!

And yes, I did a bit of sewing. Another Bring Me Flowers block is progressing!

Enjoy your day!

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