Monday, February 12, 2018



So by now you have probably heard of this new word - hangry - meaning explained above.

I have decided to invent my own new word: QUANKY, meaning is irritable as a result of lack of quilting.  I've been quanky lately - until yesterday I had not sewn in a few days!

But I finally got back at it and have this block almost done - just need the vase section and stems.

Hubby and I have had a very social weekend. We went out to dinner Friday night with some neighbors - we went to a new Italian restaurant and it was so good. Veal Piccata for me was delicious!

Saturday night we attended our neighborhood Mardi Gras dinner. Jambalaya, Red Beans and Dirty Rice, chicken, vegetables, salad, garlic bread, King cake, cheesecake were served along with lots of beads and masks to go around. Another fun and social evening. We have become quite the social butterflies as of late. Haha!

And this is the paint-by-nunbers kit I'm working on. Do you think I'll ever finish it? I hope so because I've already ordered another one!!!!

Enjoy your day!

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