Monday, January 29, 2018

Thumb Thread Cutter

I have had this thumb thread cutter (try to say that 3 times!) for years. I ordered it back in the day when I was publishing my Hexie Love magazine; I had planned to do an article and review on it there, but of course best laid plans....

I can't for the life of me remember from where I ordered it. There are ring cutter available via Amazon, but this thumb cutter is more like what Yoka Saito uses. I did find a similar one made by Clover HERE.  If you find one available let me know where and I will share here.

Here I am in action, hand piecing with the cutter on my thumb. So far it's a bit awkward for me, but I'm planning on reviewing Yoko's video and figure out exactly how she does it. I must have skinny fingers, because my ring cutter slips some. I tried squeezing it to make it smaller but it didn't really work. The jury is still out on this...

I did finish this Bring Me Flowers block over the weekend. Remember I'm hand piecing these. This is number 14 out of 25.

We went to a fun Mardi Gras luncheon Saturday. Bloody Marys, Mimosas, appetizers, salads, Jambalaya, and garlic bread, finishing up with King Cake and Moon Pies. We had a blast and were well fed. Other than doing a grocery pick up at Walmart, I have been inside all weekend while the rain has been falling.

Today will be nicer weather and I do have an errand to run. Enjoy your day!


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  2. Hi Julia I have the Clover version and really like it. I did find the Little House version on Etsy.

  3. Hi there.. I've been very happily using the Clover one for years now. I use it on my left index finger, blades facing the other way... too difficult to use it on my thumb...


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