Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Ringing in the New Year with Flying Geese

Yesterday Hubby went to the Peach Bowl with Daughter 1, so the dogs and I had the entire day to ourselves. I chose to combine sewing and football watching with a drink on the side. Haha! I have finally finished Clue 5 of On Ringo Lake - so happy! I plan to continue working on this (TIMES 2!) this week until I have finished the next two clues and then I'll put it aside.

I think this works to my advantage; I'm already seeing how some quilters are putting their blocks together with different sashing and/or borders. Since I'm making two of these, I may change up one of them. So I'm gathering lots of ideas at the moment.

Making a Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt is like an extended cross country road trip. It takes miles and miles of sewing to get where you're going. Sometimes you get tired of looking at the road ahead. Sometimes you just want to snap your fingers and be there!

When I was in Houston just over a year ago I bought a large cone of Aurofil thread. I've been using it for piecing and also for some machine quilting. Yesterday was the day. The cone was emptied! That's a lot of sewing! The cones have 6452 yards of thread - 4.5 times as much as a standard spool of Aurofil. WOW!

We are still feeling the dregs of our Christmas head colds here - yes, Hubby got it, too. We will stay in the rest of the week - it's too cold to be outside anyway - and hope to be completely over this by next week.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I came down with a head cold (minor!) but fever when we got to Florida...better now! Whew...but it's cold here too! 44 now...but was in low 30's for past two days! But beats the minus 12 degrees we had when we left Michigan!

  2. I've been battling a cold since the day after Christmas. Staying in and bundling up. I am so ready for spring!


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