Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hand Sewing and Hand Sewing and...

I had hoped to do some machine work yesterday, but with our snow day (and Hubby being stuck inside, too) I decided to hand piece instead. Hubby has been all about movies lately; he's been finding them on various channels and recording them. We watched TWO movies yesterday while I hand pieced. That's the wonderful thing about hand piecing - I can watch TV with Hubby and still accomplish something.

As you can see, I made another Glitter block. I also added another nice chunk to my Scrap Happy quilt. Scrap Happy may not be its final name, but I'll call it that for now.

Speaking of hand piecing...many of you saw the video of Yoko Saito I shared on the Hexie Love Facebook page - wasn't that something?! I'm going to watch it over and over to try to learn the technique. I already do stitch a little like her, but I need to get one of those leather thimbles. I already have a thumb cutter, but have never used it - now is the time!

We got more snow than I had initially thought - probably 3-4 inches. That's a LOT for way down here! The roads are still iffy this morning, but it's going to warm up and they should be clearing later in the morning.

Have a happy day!

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