Monday, January 8, 2018

The New Storage Boxes...

Here's a picture of the new storage boxes I have now ordered. You can find them HERE. The ones I ordered are 16" x 16" and are 10" tall. Each will be large enough to hold a quilting project neatly on my shelves. I wanted them to have lids to keep dust out and I wanted them to look nice - remember, my sewing room is directly off our living area. I ordered 8 boxes and they should arrive in about a week. Yay!

We seem to be in the midst of an organizing frenzy. Hubby has bought new file boxes and folders and has been organizing paperwork. Yesterday I completely cleaned out our pantry closet - a big job! When my new boxes arrive I'll hit the sewing room hard!

I did sew over the weekend, but it was small, random things. Nothing to show here, unfortunately.

I'm still loving my Instant Pot. Last week I made some killer Chicken Pot Pie Soup. Yesterday I cooked a whole chicken in it. Then we took the cooked chicken out of the pot and added brown rice to the broth left in the IP - 8 minutes later: YUM! We'll be eating off this meal for a few more days.

Daughter 2, who got her IP around Thanksgiving, tried something new this weekend. She loves to cook, but after a long day at work it's hard find the energy to make something. She found this Instant Pot Freezer Meal Bootcamp.

Saturday she and her hubby prepped all the meats:

Sunday they chopped all the vegetables and put the meal kits together:

Now their freezer has 10 meals ready to pop into the IP - no thawing necessary. (The site even has printable labels to go with each meal.)

The instructions include a complete grocery list and it's really economical. 

Maybe someday I'll try this; I can see it would be something nice to have in the lake house freezer so I would have to bring food every time we go. 

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Love the Instant Pot Boot Camp! How cool! I just found today an app to keep my instant pot (or other) recipes in one spot on my phone (plus, you can download to other device(s))'s called COPY ME THAT! So will keep the recipe in a folder (with pic) and show directions or ingredients separately and even make a grocery list for you!


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