Friday, January 12, 2018

New Boxes!

My new sewing room boxes came in! I LOVE them - I really didn't want plastic, and I wanted the boxes to have lids. These are going to be wonderful and serve to clean up the clutter in my small room.

For the most part, I have one project per box. There is one box labeled 'Odd and Ends'  that holds lots of bonus triangles from various projects. Maybe someday I'll do something with these???? I have another box designated for my painting supplies, though I haven't filled it yet.

Today I will continue with this organizing -

I did sew a bit yesterday, but nothing to really show. I'm in the process of add strips to the sides and top of the Christmas Animals quilt to get it to a uniform size to add more blocks.

In other news....I made yogurt in my Instant Pot. This is one of the reasons I wanted an IP - Hubby eats lots of yogurt. I have to admit that the first time I made it was a failure...I used the wrong milk...not supposed to use organic milk. 

This time I did it correctly and ended up with a gallon of yogurt for only $2.99! By the way, if a spoon stands up in it, you know it worked - that's why the spoon is in it. I'm a happy camper. This morning I'll sweeten it a bit and add vanilla - I'll leave some plain as a sour cream substitute. 

Have a great day!

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