Sunday, January 14, 2018

Glitter: Block 1

I finished my first Glitter block - it came together easily and quickly. I'm hand piecing these.

Do you notice something? I typically don't use red in quilts. But after studying lots of scrap quilts, I realize a bit of red does look good. I'm not going overboard with red, but there will be a bit of red here and there in my two scrap busting quilts. So I figured I throw some red in the very first block to make sure I don't forget!

I cut out three more Glitter blocks yesterday. I hope to continue cutting more scrap blocks every week so I always have some to hand stitch.

I have a Walmart grocery pickup scheduled today - yes, I'm still doing it. It has actually been life changing - so much quicker than wandering the grocery store aisles. And with the flu rampant around the country, I'm just as glad not to go into the store.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Interesting block...really nice!! Great idea for the grocery pickup!!!

  2. What an eye-catching pattern! I don't think I would have the time/ability to do a large quilt, but I would like to set a few scrappy ones aside for some portable piecing down the road.


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