Friday, September 1, 2017

The Pumpkin Quilt

I quilted my little pumpkin quilt and sewed the binding yesterday: another finish! Okay, it's little, but still it's a finish!

I also finished another Bring Me Flowers block.

This morning we are waiting for the Directv people to come fix our system. They're supposed to be here by noon. And I'm going to make a broccoli salad. Family (D2 and SIL2) are arriving tonight for the first football game of the season this weekend.

I hope to do some hand stitching, also. Hope you have a fabulous FRIDAY!

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  1. Hope your Direct TV system is fixed now. Football! That proves it's fall. =) I like your finish. Little ones count, too. That flowers block is pretty cool, too. It's fun to see each one.


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