Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Machine Quilting Charity Quilt

I pulled out my BERNINA Stitch Regulator yesterday and set up my machine for some free motion quilting. My Stitch Regulator is the BOMB! I have improved my free motion quilting by leaps and bounds by using this tool. I don't have to worry about how fast or slow I move my quilt sandwich - the stitches are always the same. One less thing to think about!

In about an hour I had quilted approximately 1/4 of the charity quilt. Yay! At this rate I'll be stitching on the binding by the weekend.

All Craftsy classes were free yesterday. I watched parts of one class that focused on quilt binding. I learned a couple of tricks that should help me in the future. Sometimes my mitered corners are not as good as I'd like them to be...

This morning I want to do more of the machine quilting - ready to get the one DONE!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!


  1. The regulator came out after I purchased my Bernina :-( It sounds like a great tool for machine quilting.

  2. I have the 440 QE with stitch regulator but I can't use it...drives me crazy the sound of the machine...it's me! I do free motion so easily with my old 1090! Or using 440 without regulator. I applaud you being able to use it. I know several women who love it...just doesn't work for me but I do like all the other features on the machine. I use my 1090 all the time unless I want different stitches...and thanks again for the Craftsy free day! I only saw that at night but did watch a knitting show and ordered a book from our library. Andrea Wong..she was great!

  3. How wonderful that you've found it useful and have one! I look forward to seeing your finish!


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