Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Curved Hexies!

If you've been to Hexie Love Open Studio, you've already seen my recent hexie play. I love my Curved Hexagon Ruler! I was planning to work on this more yesterday, but I couldn't make a decision on what to do next. I'll think on it a bit more...

I'm putting this together a bit differently. It's a combination of English Paper Piecing AND Hand Piecing AND Appliqué. That center piece - I turned the edges to the back side of the paper and stitch basted them. Then I lined up the side pieces, taped them in place on the backside, and then hand stitched/appliquéd them on the front side. No glue. No machine stitching. Easy peasy. Before I removed the papers I marked the seam lines on the back - that allowed me to do hand piecing to stitch the hexagons together along the lines.

I'm using Cherrywood fabrics - I have lots of it on hand. I bought bunches of Cherrywood Scrap Bags once for my students back when I was teaching. I have plenty of them leftover with which to play. I'm using my own version of Fall colors. Having fun!


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