Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Machine Quilting Tip

The worst of Irma has left us. Yay for that! We had about 4 inches of rain yesterday and lots of wind, but no damage to our home except for a few slipped shingles on the roof. One tree in the backyard looks windblown - we may need to tie it up to straighten it. Lots of trees down in town including a few on houses, roads blocked, and 14,000 were without power around here at the peak. But we never lost our electricity.

I've been meandering around on my Ain't No Sunshine (En Provence) quilt again. This is a big, BIG meander. When I'm doing my own machine quilting, I always want to avoid bulky intersections - you know...those spots where lots of seams meet? But it's the worst thing to do! Avoiding stitching over these bulky spots will make them stick up like sore thumbs!

So my tip is: AIM FOR THE INTERSECTIONS! Above you can see there is one coming up where SEVEN seams meet in one spot! I'm aiming for it!

BOOM! Went right through it! And now it will lay flat.

Here's another - not so bad... only four seams meeting - but still, quilting right through it will tame it nicely.

I'm about 1/4 done with the quilting, just doing a bit every day.

Check out Hexie Love Open Studios on Facebook - I've been playing a bit...


  1. We'll trade tips! Before you start to meander machine quilting, stitch in the ditch...this will do a couple of things...one, it will secure the quilt so it won't distort and you'll also take care of those center seams. You don't have to stitch in the ditch in all the seams but I do take the time to stitch quite a few of the seams. This is really critical especially when you do any hand stitching. Glad you didn't have much damage with Irma! Whew...so many of our friends and my sister are all safe with minimal damage. So sad for those who lost their homes....:(

  2. Oh, good to know, if I'm ever at the point where I do the quilting. =) thanks!


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