Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Hexie Love Curved Hexagon Ruler

I've gotten SO MANY questions over on Hexie Love Open Studios about my ruler. So I decided to go over how it works again today. As you see above, it has various markings. Some are marked with an 'S' and some are marked with a 'P'. 

The ruler is designed to work with 2" hexie papers. 

The purpose of the ruler is to mark and cut your own hexie papers into a huge variety of curved pieces. The 'P' markings on the ruler are lined up with a point on the hexagon paper.

The 'S' markings on the ruler are lined up with a side on the hexagon paper. P for POINT and S for SIDE. Easy easy. 

I like to mark my papers and carefully cut them apart with paper scissors.

 There are so many different combinations of curved pieced hexagons you can make from this! You can combine 'P's' and 'S's' on the same hexie paper.

Under the tabs at the top of the blog you will find FREE old issues of Hexie Love magazine - there you will find the pattern for Bliss which uses this ruler.

I typically don't link my blog on Hexie Love Open Studio, but today I will.

I do have some rulers left - you can only get them from me. They are $24 with free shipping with in the US. If you are out of the country, you will have to pay for shipping. If you want one...please email me - - and provide your Paypal email so I can invoice you.

Have a great weekend!


  1. THANK YOU...THANK YOU! I bought your hex ruler a year ago to use in Florida but never did. Will bookmark this post for sure!!!

  2. Seems to me you had a youtube also???

  3. Ciao mi piacerebbe tanto acquistarlo, ma vivo in Italia e vorrei sapere quanto potrebbe costare la spedizione. (Sardegna)
    Grazie Silvana


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