Friday, September 22, 2017

A Little Beach Vacation

 We're back home after a few days at the beach. Ahhh. We live only 3.5 hours from the shore. But we have never gone much, primarily because we've always vacationed at the family lake house - a different kind of water. But Hubby and I decided a beach getaway would be fun and it was!

The sunsets were glorious!

We stayed a little off the beaten track where it wasn't crowded. Another ahhh.... We didn't have to sidestep around lots of people to find a spot in the sand.

From Hubby's perspective...

And from mine... yes...hex on the beach!

 For us, a trip to the coast means lots of fresh seafood. Oysters and crab cakes.

Firecracker shrimp.

Grilled amberjack sandwich. Not to mention the crab claws. And flounder.  And fried shrimp. Yes, we ate our way though our trip. Yes, I've gained a few pounds. Time to get back on track, but oh, it was fun to splurge!

This morning I already have the laundry going. I have a small meeting with a friend at 9:30 and then coffee with other friends at 10:30. Nothing like coming home to a full schedule! Haha! But I do hope to hexie this afternoon.

By the way, over on Facebook LOTS of people have been joining Hexie Love Open Studio! Yay! We're over 1100 member now! If you've asked to join and have not been accepted yet, please try again. I think I hit the 'Ignore' button for one or two people accidentally instead of the desired 'Accept' button - my bad!

Have a great day!

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  1. Always nice to get away!!! Glad you enjoyed your beach time! Love the hexie ruler on the beach! Great advertisement!


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