Friday, August 19, 2016

Upholstered Cushion

This is a window seat in Daughter 1's home. This is her office - should have taken more pictures because it is lovely. Lots of white with touches of gold. She found this fabric with a bit of gold. Perfection! And fun!

And I came home with a cot type bed that their dog doesn't really like. I put Cooper's bed on top of it and he loves it! Have you ever seen a dog look more comfy?

Our daughter came by this morning and took Cooper back to her house for a few hours to play with Scout. What a fun day he will have. But I miss him already!

I didn't get many hourglass blocks done yesterday - it was just one of those hexies are up again! I'm excited!!! But first I'm putting dinner in the crockpot...


  1. How sweet!! Yes, he is very comfortable!!! As he should be! HA

  2. Dinner in the crockpot sounds good. That is one happy dog in that picture!


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