Friday, August 26, 2016

Happy National Dog Day!

Yes, I'm a bit late posting today. I was supposed to go on a day trip with friends, but I ended up canceling because Hubby had to be away and it was just too long to leave the doggies in their crates...especially on National Dog Day. :)

So what did I do instead? Well, of course there's a story behind it. And YES, I started another project! EEK!

I signed up for a class in Houston this fall - I typically don't take classes when I go to Houston, but this was one I was REALLY interested in taking. Thread Painting with Pam Holland. So I registered as early as I could....and found out the class was already full. DARN!

Then I realized that Craftsy has a Thread Painting class by Pam Holland! BOOM! $30 later and the click of a button and I got it! So it's been sitting dormant in my computer feed from Craftsy for weeks. I figure what better way to spend the day than to watch some of the class.

I'm watching a bit, then doing what she taught in that lesson...then watching more, and doing that. Step by step....just as if I were in her class.

So today I selected a picture (Mickey) and printed it on fabric. I selected a background fabric with care. I wanted something blue since Mickey's eyes are blue. And Mickey, though a male dog, is rather dainty and effeminate. So I picked something with flowers. I have the picture on fabric attached to the background.

Next I picked out a backing fabric...another floral.

And so now I need to pick up some batting (tomorrow) and I'll be ready to stitch.

Since I made hexies yesterday, I didn't feel guilty for doing something different today.


  1. I've taken 2 classes on Craftsy but didn't know about Pam. How cool! Look forward to your results from the class. Hope all is with with FIL. Take care!!

  2. Love the floral for Mickey's 'effeminate' side :)


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