Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Needlepoint Update

I've been making steady progress on my needlepoint project. Here I'm holding it up to a window so it's easier to see the parts left to be stitched.

You may remember I started this almost 20 years ago, stitched one corner, and put it aside. I picked it up again soon after we moved into the cottage 3 months ago.

Now I can't imagine why I put it aside! I'll be finished with it in the foreseeable future. I worked on this last night while watching TV instead of my hand quilting.

Yesterday I didn't have much time for sewing. My errands and house cleaning chores took most of the day. But I did cut out a chemo hat for another friend. Today I want to sew it together and get it in the mail.

Since I have so many projects going on at once, I've decided I need a schedule to make sure nothing falls by the wayside. I'm thinking about something like this:

Monday: Allietare
Tuesday: Hexies (BLISS)
Wednesday: Lollypop Trees
Thursday: Hourglass blocks
Friday: Hexies (BLISS)
Weekend: My choice!

In the evenings I'll either work on needlepoint or hand quilting.

That means today I'll be working on hexies! Yay! I think I'll find a Netflix movie to watch while I sew.

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  1. A schedule helps me, and goals. Looks like you are making progress across the board this week! I do like your butterfly piece, and it's good that you are finishing it.


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