Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Random Thoughts

I'm still I haven't felt like sewing. I have done a bit of needlepoint in the evenings though. I think the worst of my cold is over - just the dregs left that will drag on a few more days.

Mickey doesn't mind when someone is sick - he always has a lap and quilt in times like this. Happy doggy...

Yesterday one of our nice neighbors hired the ice cream truck to come to our street and provide free treats to all the construction workers as a thank you for keeping the worksites neat and clean. They do a good job around here. The builder has a street sweeping machine that goes up and down the street a few times per day; it really helps to keep the dust down. Our street will be built out soon - in the next several months.

I'm hoping I feel like sewing later today!


  1. Wow! What a thoughtful 'thank you' to the construction folks for doing what most of them don't. Hope you kick the last of that cold soon.

  2. It's yucky having a cold...but I think worse in the least in the winter you WANT to curl up in that quilt! With dogs, of course! Take care!!! Hope you feel better soon!


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