Sunday, August 7, 2016

Circle of Life

No picture today. I haven't sewn in a few days - hopefully tomorrow I'll get back at it.

Our visit here with my FIL was a mixed blessing. He was a joy to have around. But his mind was wilting away right in front of us. You could almost see it happen before your eyes. It was as if a breeze blew in one ear and took part of his reasoning and comprehension ability out the other ear. We took him back home yesterday and explained to my MIL and brother-in-law what was happening. They saw it first hand within minutes. We feel we have lost him already though he's still living and breathing. We fear he has had a stroke. Or something. Brain scan will be done on Tuesday. This new issue has far surpassed his cancer in concern. We think his radiation treatments will never happen.

He called hubby this afternoon. They talked a few minutes and then he asked to speak to me. (He never talks to me on the phone...) He was so sweet - thanked me for cooking for him - totally made my day. He was upbeat and told me he was having a great day (though I know otherwise...)

We'll see what this week brings. Hubby has come down with the head cold I had last week. He's resting today and tomorrow and will then head back to B'ham to help out with his dad.

Switching gears...
Have you been reading all the article about the current state of the quilting industry? I have some things to say... (you knew I would, didn't you?)...stay tuned...

I'm determine to get things done on quilts this week! Let's pick up that needle and thread!


  1. so sorry about this :( I haven't had that happen in my family-yet but dealing with older in-laws and my own parents, but they are overseas and in bad shape but I can't do anything from here, so that's frustrating.

  2. I am so sorry for your hubby and you...but also admire you both for giving of yourselves and supporting the family and your FIL. This is such an emotional time for everyone....and each of you having a support system is critical. Prayers will be said for you all daily.

  3. My hubby helped with both of his parents when their health started failing. It is a difficult time of life, but it was also filled with blessings. Praying for strength and wisdom for the days ahead.

  4. Looking forward to what you have to say about the quilting industry. I hear a lot of blues being played. I'm so glad you had this visit with your FIL. Live in today.


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