Friday, August 12, 2016

More of the Same...

I'm still hand quilting. And that is all. I haven't been working on hexies...though I will soon. I haven't been working on needlepoint...though I will soon. I haven't been working on hourglass units...though I will soon. I haven't been working on Allietare...but I will soon. I would not be happy doing one single project at a time!

My brother is in town and stayed here last night. He's moving his middle son into the condo - he bought our condo a few months ago. Always good to see him!


  1. That's what I need to do. Buy a condo for my boys and get them out of my house. LOL Smart brother you have there. I do love the look of that, even the little bit in the hoop. Have fun with your quilting.

  2. I always have more than one project...depends on what mood I'm in...if I can sit and watch the boob tube and work on a project or if I have time to be in my sewing room!


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