Thursday, October 8, 2015

Need More Hexies!

I'm happy to report that Cooper is sweetly napping in hubby's recliner this morning with no contraband in his mouth. Sweet dreams, Cooper...

I basted a pile of 3/4" hexies yesterday - need more for the next BOM design, but I got a good start.

And I'm still binding away on Odyssey.

Today I'll be working on an article for Hexie Love. AND more fun stuff!

You know, life is never boring around here. Last night one of our daughters had a mouse in her back yard. EEK! Her dog was tracking it. He caught and killed it - good boy, Scout! Her husband wasn't home from work yet, so hubby went over and disposed of the mouse. From fleas, to fruit flies, to a mouse... Hopefully the critters are almost gone...

Update on this post about the Hexie Dilemma:
Karen from Faeries and Fibres has also written a blog post about the appliqué of a hexie quilt to a background. You can find it HERE! Thanks so much for sharing, Karen!!!!

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  1. I'm always happy to share with you and your readers.

    I have a pussycat who is addicted to my hexagons. I can't tell you how many he has stolen nor can I figure out where he has hidden them! Maybe he plans on making his own hexie quilt! The little stinker!


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