Sunday, October 4, 2015

More Hexie Dilemma Answers...AND Progress!

This recent hexie question of how to appliqué a hexie quilt onto to border fabric has generated lots of interest! The Hexy Lady (love her!) even wrote an entire blog post to help out! Read it HERE!

I just couldn't stand it - I HAD to share a sneak peak (back side only) of the quilting on Odyssey! Isn't this fabulous? FABULOUS!! I told my wonderful quilter: no feathers, make it modern. And she certainly came through!

So, you know Cooper completely DESTROYED my little embroidery project on Friday. Yesterday we skipped out on going to the football game, stayed home and watched it (along with 357 other football games). During all this TV time, I began this again. Let me tell you, we watched a LOT of football. And I did a LOT of embroidery. By bedtime....I finished it!!! Woohoo!!! And now it is in a very HIGH place so Cooper can't get to it. 

Before the football games began yesterday, I trimmed Odyssey. And I made the binding. Today it will get sewn on and will be ready to the hand stitching! 


  1. Hi Julia.
    The back is gorgeous.
    How is Cooper?

  2. I also wrote a blog post about how I applique my quilt top to a border. I like mitered corners on my quilts so that is part of my process. If you are interested you will find it here:

  3. Your quilting on Odyssey is stunning what I can see of it. It sounds like you are similar to my Mom and I with creating mini to-do lists and challenges to complete your projects. You're in great company, lol.


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