Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Blinded by the Light...

I sorted through my stash of 3/4 inch hexies yesterday to see what I had to work with for the November BOM. This morning while I drink my's all about that baste! Need more!

This is my view for a few minutes every morning this time of year. The blinding light? That's the sun reflecting off a stainless steel grill on our patio, shining through our glass fireplace. Luckily it only happens for a week or two once per year. I position my lap top screen so that the light is blocked as I sit in my chair for coffee time. As I'm writing this, it's already dissipated.

I did do my daily Odyssey binding yesterday. Two sides are complete! Another side is on the agenda for today.

Today is also my day for a flu shot. Have you gotten yours yet? I typically get sick only about once per year. The last time (unfortunately!) began last year while I was in Houston for Quiltfest. You may remember that the flight home didn't help and I ended up with a nasty ear infection and was sick for a few weeks. Even though that wasn't the flu, I always get a flu shot - the flu is no fun at all!

And now a question for you...
I had someone ask me recently what I do with all the quilts I make - since we have a limited number of beds. (She seemed to be implying that maybe it's time to move on to another hobby.)  HA! She's obviously not a quilter! (She's an old friend whom I adore.) Do you get this question from non-quilters? What do you say?

My answer was:

I keep many of them carefully stored to take with me for speaking engagements - these aren't used at this time. Then I have quilts that I do make to use - they are on beds or piled in the living room to snuggle with during TV (hexie) time. And then there are the quilts I make for gifts. And I also make some quilts to challenge myself - maybe to enter in a competition, or to practice a new skill, or to see if a new technique I'm developing works.

And (of course!) there are my primary loves - hexie quilts. I am currently on schedule to make two per year - the Block of the Month and the Progressive quilt. These are my original designs and they allow me to pace myself, always having small goals to make progress on both quilts. These quilts are my heartbeat, my bread and butter, my soul. That being said, you're going to love the projects for 2016!!!!


  1. I got my flu shot Monday. I too have a large amount of quilts. I use them for speaking engagements and trunk shows and as samples when I teach. I have them on the beds, on almost every chair and couch to cuddle with and have large stacks on a chair in the living room and dining room. I love having enough quilts that I can pick one out to give away if the need comes up, which it seems to all to frequently. I also make some just to donate to the police department and Children's Protective Services through my guilds.

    I get the question also but I don't think I will ever tire of making quilts!

  2. I got my flu shot on Monday. Thankfully no one has asked me that question ... I would respond that I just love making quilts and that frankly one can never have too many quilts - one to cover the bed, one to curl up in when DH hogs the covers, one to curl up in my chair while reading, one to lay out on the carpet when the grands want to have an indoor picnic, one to keep in the car in case we get stranded in the winter, and the list goes on. Not to mention the quilts that get gifted.

  3. I too am asked what I do with all of my quilts and I usually tell them I use them (and I do use them) and that I gift them. Like you I have several that are folded and stored away for trunk shows.

  4. I love your quilts! The designs are absolutely beautiful. I agree that you can never have too many. I put them all around the house so there is always one whenever I need it. And I just got my flu shot today! I forgot last year and was terribly sick for 2 weeks. Luckily I stayed warm and cozy in my quilt.

    Leonardo @ U.S. Healthworks Medical Group


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