Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hexie Applique

Mickey is my lap helper this morning. Okay, he's not much help...but he is keeping my lap warm, so I guess it's something. It was pitch dark when we got up this morning - hard to get awake on mornings like this. It's also pouring rain. I'll be in sewing and working so that's okay.

First on the agenda is to appliqué the November BOM.

I worked on next year's progressive quilt yesterday - oh this is fun!!! As I think I've mentioned, this one is wall to wall hexies - no applique! I'm having so much fun fussy cutting! I'll do more of this today, too.

Okay, the sun is finally rising. I think that's my signal to get to work!


  1. Best lap warmer and hexie-sewer overseer I have ever seen. Mikey is one gorgeous boy.


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