Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Hexie Monday!!!

I know lots of people hate Mondays. I don't! It's the beginning of a few week of sewing and creating and inspiration. And I'm ready to get this week going!

This is a dahlia blooming in our backyard. Hubby threw out a handful of seeds last year and something came up!

Yes, we did go for a nice walk on campus in the late afternoon. It was perfect weather and we enjoyed it.

And I have to share this Cooper funny. Cooper is not afraid of steps, water, almost anything. But he put his brakes on when it came to crossing over these shiny pavers set in a herringbone pattern. This happened twice in similar locations on campus during our walk. I finally had to walk across first so he could see all was okay. And even then he didn't like it, but finally hurried across. Funny dog!

Today I'll be working on the November BOM - should be ready to start the appliqué later today.

I'll take a bit of time to work on the wedding quilt.

AND I'm also working on next year's progressive quilt - it's a fun one!!!

Have a great day!


  1. Our lab was very skittish about crossing slick, shiny surfaces ... you should have seen her when we had our carpets pulled up and refinished the hardwoods underneath. ha! I enjoy Mondays, too - for the same reasons! ;-)

  2. Cooper is too funny!!! Poor baby!!!

  3. I also like Mondays. A new beginning every week. Time to start.


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