Thursday, October 23, 2014

Today Will be Better!

Yesterday. Is. Over. Yay! It started out with a call to the plumber's office. The phone answerer was extremely rude. I'm still not sure why. But she was. I even asked her why she was being so rude to me. "I don't mean to be," she said. Well, she was. She told me lies, accused me of lying, etc. And she kept interrupting me. She actually made me cry while on the phone. Plumbing company is now fired.  

The good news- hubby called the manufacturer of our French faucet. Turns out it has a lifetime warranty (despite plumber telling us it was out of warranty). They are sending the needed part to us at no charge and hubby will fix it himself. And they told him how to cap off the geyser so I can actually use my sink until the part comes in. 

Enough of that - on to fabric!

Hancock's of Paducah had a big sale. And free shipping. That's my excuse! I got this lovely bundle in the mail yesterday. Won't this make a pretty quilt? I'm planning to add white to it, also. I'm setting this aside in case I decide to do Bonnie Hunter's new mystery. (Yes, I'm changing up the colors she picked.) I really don't have time for it. But I'll print out the instructions for somewhere down the line.

After my day started so poorly, I needed some "me" time. So, with Bonnie Hunter on my mind, I spent about 30 minutes in my studio working on last year's mystery. Yes, I'm behind. I've been a bit busy this year starting a magazine….

Almost all the parts and pieces are ready to sew into blocks. So I put together 4 blocks. It's a start and cheered me up!

My boxes of quilts arrived yesterday! Today I'll open them up and will start sharing these book quilts with you.

Today's list includes opening my business bank account, filing for my city business license, and making LOTS of hexies!


  1. I could tell you stories of unprofessional, fraudulent and lying workmen after Hull Uk's 2007 flooding ~ so you have my sympathy gal!
    Fondle fabric and be calmed lol

  2. fun to see you do something other than hexies ;) recognize the block, love the colors!

  3. Glad that you got your plumbing issues sorted out.
    Beautiful fabrics... I saw my DD last night and told about Hexie Love...she is so excited.

  4. good you got your plumbing sorted and no longer need to use the rude company. longing to see your quilts, like you I tend not to make BOM`s when they are posted but at a later date (not your hexie one I am always waiting for that to appear) when I have all the blocks so now how to sort the colours etc. Must check out Bonnie`s new one but there is so much on the to do list, said no more but that did not last long


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