Friday, October 17, 2014

Let's Hexie!

Last night was our guild meeting. Guess who the speaker was? That's right - me! I decided to give my slideshow lecture, "Let's Hexie!" It went very well!

Here are a few of the beautiful quilts that were shared.

So many talented folks in this guild!

So did I hire an accountant? Yes! I have my first meeting with her on Tuesday - hope she can set me straight on some on my many questions about starting a new business. I must say, the business side of starting a new magazine is the most boring and unlikeable part. Taxes, licenses, paperwork - ugh! But it is part of the process and I'll muddle through it!

Today's list includes more appliqué on my special hexie quilt - yes, this is the progressive quilt that will be patterned in the magazine over the course of 2015. I also plan to work on some magazine pages and run a few errands. Oh, and I need to cram heart worm pills down a couple of dachshund throats - the only way they will take them.


  1. Having been an online bookseller for 11 years, I know what you are going through. It too will pass and you can get on with the fun stuff. But prepare for it to consume most of each day for the first year or so. Just think of this time as a birthing process - it does end. Thanks for sharing those lovely quilts!


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