Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Hexie BOM October: Candy Corn!

We do love our Candy Corn this time of the year! It's one of hubby's favorite fall treats.  Here's the pattern:

And here's my version. You will notice that I did mine in the brown, orange, and yellow version - you've seen those haven't you? Feel free to do yours in orange, yellow, white if you wish! Happy Halloween!


  1. My DD's favorite too. When she became vegetarian she had to stop eating them because they have gelatin in them. Maybe this will make her happy. Have to make it and send it to her for her kitchen counter.

  2. not heard of candy corn is it a sweet, at first I thought it was to do with corn on the cob

  3. Julia this is just too cute ! I love candy corn . Annie

  4. Hi julia, It's my pleasure to see your nice post. These candy corns are very sweet, I just love them.


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