Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Another Happy Hexie Flower

Here's the latest in my pile - I fussy cut the center. This quilt is coming along nicely, but you'll have to wait until January 1 to see it and get the pattern in Hexie Love.

Ah, yes, the magazine. How do you start a magazine? One tiny step at a time…

If you follow Hexie Love on Facebook, you've read some of the drama.  I bought some software to help me run things. However, I was not happy with the customer service they provided: missed on-line meetings, unanswered e-mails, etc. So I cancelled it - chalk that one up to a lesson learned.

Yesterday I bought new software. In less than two days I've learned so much! This company has excellent customer service. They answer my questions on-line within seconds.

The way the subscriptions work on this software is as follows:
No one can sign up for a subscription until the first issue is published, i.e., January 1, 2015. So hang in there. The day you subscribe, you'll get the first issue! Now that I think about it, it does make sense - that way you don't give up any money until you can immediately have the product. Nice, huh?

You will be able to buy a one year subscription or to buy individual issues. There will be a progressive quilt pattern for the year with one part of the quilt patterned in each issue. If you're interested in this, it will be much more affordable to subscribe for the year instead of buying individual issues.

I will keep you posted here and at HexieLove.com. If you wish you can sign up for my e-mail list (at hexielove.com)  to get occasional updates, such as when a new issue is out.

So after much toil and trouble, I seem to finally be on the right track. Today I even started putting the first issue together - so much fun! This is the part I've been looking forward to!

There is still some boring stuff left: get a business license for my state and city, open a business bank account, and a bit more yuckity yuck. But all in all, I'm feeling very encouraged today.


  1. sounds like you are right on track for January. How exciting this must be for you; wonderful to be publishing online! good luck with this endeavor...hugs, Julierose--P.S. Love your bright and cheery hexie flower

  2. Is there a you tube video on how you make the hexies? I am confused...what is the stitching I see in this flower? I have never made hexies, but have my great grandma's quilt top of all hand cut, hand stitched hexies. I am so intrigued but see paper pieced tutorials, and folded fabric ones but this looks nothing like them... my newbie hex love is showing I know....

  3. now you have got the right software all will be well, enjoy the journey. Last week I stumbled across an unfinished very large hexie quilt in a charity shop, needless to say I bought it there is a photo of it on my blog. Taking you book to our MQG as no one knows about doing hexies without the papers on saturday

    1. Hello Margaret, I might be able to help you with doing hexies without papers if you would like to contact me at www.julie714@adam.com.au. I also posted a comment in the Hexie Blog if you would like to read it. Hope this can help you. Julie Beard

  4. Hello Hexie Blog, Now that you have caught my attention you are now telling me to wait until January 2015 I'm not sure if I can hang on till then. But I could use some aussie slang here, I won't so I supposedly will have to wait!!!!!! Anyway I have read some of the comments and Margarets comments caught my attention too! I am currently exploring the idea of making hexies actually 1/2 inch ones using an iron on fusible that is semi-dissolves in water leaving the quilt lovely and soft. I have made a small hexi flower using this product and it is lovely. It is certainly do able, but for me will take some practise getting use to folding fabric over a soft edges. It is my intention to make a 1/4 inch hexie king size quilt starting in 2015 providing the business owner is able to see if a 1/4 inch template is financially do able. I am crossing my fingers that I don't have to make my own templates. I could do it but am worried about accuracy!!!! I am happy if requested to pass on the name of the business if requested. I can be contacted at www.julie714@adam.com.au.

  5. KEEP A GOOD THOUGHT! I'm SOOOOO ready to see the product and yes - like the idea of a yearly progressive quilt pattern in the issues. Do you think you will also continue a HEXIE BOM? I sure have enjoyed that, but might be just as good doing the progressive if too much stress added to the E-magazine! Glad you found a software and company you like. It is so great when you know you can get help easily. I love computers and doing stuff like you are doing, but in retirement I am just not up to taking on lots of responsibility like that. I would be interested however in providing some input along the way if that might help somehow. I just wanted you to know that and you can ask if there is something you need and see if I can help!!! Just as a volunteer so to speak!!!

  6. Customer Service makes all the difference. So happy you are making progress. (Cause of course I want the Hexie Magazine ;0 ).

  7. I can hardly wait for the Hexie Magazine. I love doing hexies and right now I'm working with 1/2 inch hexies


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