Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Making Progress!

My meeting with my accountant went very well. Turns out I'm doing most things correctly. She's preparing some forms to file with the IRS. And she gave me a few assignments which I'll try to accomplish today. Ready to get down to the nitty gritty!

I spent the evening last night working on the first issue - putting in photos and text. This is my favorite part of the process! I love being creative with how the pages are laid out. Fun stuff!

Here's a cool photo I took yesterday while Mickey and Cooper were playing at my feet. Don't feel sorry for Cooper because his ear is in Mickey's mouth - I assure you that Mickey doesn't bite hard - this is the way they play.

Today's list includes doing my homework assigned by my accountant, waiting at home for THREE boxes of my quilts to be delivered from AQS (I have to be here to sign for them), make hexies for November BOM, make hexies for the special progressive quilt for Hexie Love, vacuum the house (lowest priority).

I still don't have a working kitchen sink…maybe today I'll hear options from the plumber. I guess I need to add that issue to my list!


  1. You sure are busy. Hope all goes smoothly.
    I didn't have a kitchen sink for about 7 weeks last year when I moved. Ugh. Hope yours gets sorted out.

  2. you are certainly very busy, have ordered my book locally and looking forward to the magazine. Quite right hoovering is bottom of my priority list too, when a quilt need pinning to the backing etc is the time to hoover.


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