Monday, October 6, 2014

Haircut and Studio Rearrange!

I got a much needed new haircut Friday - always makes me feel like a new woman! I'm loving my new style.

And here are the promised photos of my rearranged studio. It's not a huge change, but I'm enjoying it so much. The dark low shelving unit you see on the left used to be on the right side against the back wall. The ironing table used to be where that shelving unit is now - I moved it to the right side - you can only see a corner of it in this picture. And my new Ikea rug came in on Friday - love the pop of color! (You know I love ORANGE!)

I turned around to take more pictures and realized I have something big on my design wall that I can't show! (It will be in the first issue of Hexie Love!) So I'll just share this little corner - more pops of orange here and there.

I also hung this little storage bucket set (again, from Ikea) under my television. It's great for my scissors, rotary cutter, and other important stuff! That's my Accuquilt Studio on the table under the television - I use it constantly! I have most of my dies stored there on the little shelf unit under my hexagon magnetic board.

I have one more small addition to hang today - it's a fun little touch which I'll share soon.

Now that our big football weekend is over (in which I didn't have much time to hexie), I'm hitting the ground running today! I'm hoping to accomplish LOTS of magazine goodness today! And of course I'll get my hexie on!


  1. Hi Wood , I am a Woods , your hair looks good

  2. De-lurking to say that the cut looks awesome on ya! Brings out your eyes.

  3. And I bet youfeel like a million bucks, too!

  4. love the hair. studio looks great.


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