Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ombre Fun!

Here's what I'm working on today - loving these happy blues.

For some reason, I've been very tired today. So I've listened to my body and rested and hexied. Dinner tonight? Eggs, bacon, bagels - quick and simple.

You can tell there is a big game here this weekend (Auburn vs. LSU) because I've heard planes and small jets flying in all day. This will continue Friday and even Saturday morning. You can feel the excitement in the air. We have lots of friends and family coming for the weekend - all beds at our house and at our daughter and SIL's house will be full, with some people sleeping on sofas and floors. I may or may not go to the game. My mother is coming so I may sit home with her while the rest go to the game…we'll see.

More hexies for me tonight!

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