Monday, October 13, 2014

A Quilt Purchase

It's not often I buy a quilt - but on my trip to Chattanooga in September, I did just that. I was mesmerized by the exhibit of quilts from the Philippines. They were all colorful, unique, and amazing! The story behind them was equally colorful.

A Japanese man and his wife moved to a Philippines island. The wife taught the locals to quilt to supplement the islanders' income. Now the quilts the islanders make bring in 1/3 of all the income there. What a wonderful gift!

These quilts depict the life on the island. I knew I wanted to buy one with fish, so this one came home with me.

Today I made the last of the reservations for the International Quilt Festival in Houston. All booked! Hotel, shuttles, festival tickets, airline tickets…done!

I also started the appliqué of many hexies onto a background - this piece is too big for my lap so I'm working on it at the dining room table. I got a good start today. Happy work!


  1. very nice quilt wonder what size it is? Have a wonderful time at Houston, it is my dream to one day go to the show,afraid that is what it will remain just a dream. 2 friends are going from our local Yorkshire MQG

  2. i was at the chattanooga show on the last day[Sat] and really enjoyed it

  3. Wish I could be there too.
    Cute fish.