Monday, August 10, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along - Part 3

Thanks for all the love last week!!!!

Okay, here we go again. For Part 3 I used the same two fabrics I used in Part 2. Of course, it's your quilt, so do your own thing. Using the same fabrics does create a lovely scallop detail though.

Use S2 to mark six 2" hexagon papers.

Did you notice something in the top picture? A friend alerted me to her use of Sew Tites magnetic pins for holding these pieces together while stitching (instead of blue tape). And bonus points because they match my fabrics - haha!

I ordered some last week and tried them - yes, they are wonderful for pieces like this. I would recommend them. However when I have a hexagon cut into LOTS of pieces (stay tuned...) I still use blue tape of the back instead. Thanks, Beth, for the tip!

Stitch the curved hexies in place as show above - see the scallop????

I finally decided on a center hexagon. I stitched this together Saturday on the drive to my Mother's burial.

To make this curved hexie, I marked P1 on all 6 points of a hexagon. Yes, LOTS of pieces, but very doable! I love this little image of a hand holding a needle. The purple fabric is something I pulled from my stash that blended well with the Tula Pink fabrics I'm using. The solid green is from the fabric with the hand/needle. These pieces were small enough to cut from between the motifs in the fabric.

TaDah! I just finished stitching this yesterday - I'm really staying only a week ahead of you all.

I've already seen some very creative center hexies - some fussy cut, one was embroidered, and one was intricately pieced. So do your own thing for the center if you like. Later this week I'll share some photos of your work that I've seen.

Have fun with this! Stay safe and keep stitching!


  1. please where can i buy this ruler i have looked everywhere please email me at thank you

    1. The info is under the tab at the top of the blog - Curved Hexie Stitch Along!

  2. I'm really enjoying this! I made the first part just to try the ruler and I love it. I'm going to start over with different fabric that has a sewing theme.

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