Friday, August 14, 2020

Curved Hexie Show and Tell

Show and Tell Day!!!!!

Look at this amazing center hexie!!!! Creative!

You might want to click this one to see the center better - an embroidered butterfly. So cute!

And a fussy cut koala - wonderful colors here!

Okay, these fabric just make me smile! Lovely!

And another colorful beauty!

Y'all are doing so well! I love your fabric choices!

I'm still getting inquiries: How do I get a ruler? Where do I get this? How do I order?????

It's all under the tab at the top of the blog - Curved Hexie Stitch Along. But I'll repeat it here:

Either send $20 to cover a ruler and shipping/handling to me via PayPal ( 


send me a check for $20 to Julia Wood, 980 Titleist Way, Auburn, AL 36830


  1. Anddof you see the Bliss one!? Amazing.

  2. They are all beautiful and fun.

  3. They're all great! Can't wait for the next part - hope it comes before I have to leave town for the week!

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