Monday, August 3, 2020

Curved Hexie Stitch Along - Part 2

Everyone is doing so well! I love seeing your fabric choices - so creative!  This is not too hard, is it? We will never have to make more than 6 curved hexagons per week. Slow paced fun.

Above is the curved hexie for Part 2.  I'm still keeping it simple still, but we'll get a bit more complex as we go along.

Mark your 2" hexie paper (6 of them!) using P4.

And stitch them to the the quilt center as shown above. Don't remove any papers yet -

I didn't make a video this week - you may always refer to the video in Part 1 if you need assistance.

Have you noticed I still haven't made a center hexie? Haha! I'll get to it eventually!

Don't you LOVE 2 inch hexies? The quilt grows fast!

Have fun with this and stay safe!


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