Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Another Christmas Quilt Finished...and a Shopping Trip

I finished this panel kit! At first I found it challenging to stitch the chenille in place, but it got easier as I went on.

As suggested, I washed it with a tennis ball and that fluffed up the chenille very nicely.

This will look wonderful hanging in our dining room during the holiday season.

Yesterday I actually went to a quilt shop!!! I've been so careful not to go anywhere. But I've had a case of the Covid Crazies lately. I've been a bit blue - so tired of all this 'stay-at-home' stuff and missing my friends. And my mom's death has not helped.

So yesterday Hubby got me out of the house. My Bernina needed its checkup - it was overdue. So we headed to Montgomery and dropped if off at Sew Bernina. And while I was there, of course I had a look around.

I was on the hunt for cheddar fabric for a future quilt. I'm not sure if all of the above are really cheddar or if they are just yellow, but they will do. More about the upcoming quilt soon.

I also bought this pattern. I would have never purchased it on its own, but they had a sample quilt in the store. It was so pretty! I couldn't resist.

Here's a small detail. I sort of love this - it will be put on the back burner for now because I already have THREE quilts I want to start in September!

Stay safe!

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