Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

As planned we had our Thanksgiving lunch in a restaurant. It was a bit weird not to prepare everything myself, but it was delicious! And no cooking, no dishes to wash, and no tempting leftovers. We enjoyed it and would do it again in a heartbeat!

I technically did my Black Friday shopping on the day before Thanksgiving at my local quilt shop. They had already started their BF sale, so I took advantage. Yes...more Christmas fabric....

 She even had donuts for us hungry shoppers. Yes, I did have one.

Daughter 2 and SIL2 came to town Friday for the Iron Bowl. It was a fun weekend, but yesterday afternoon I took a LONG nap. Call me tired.

Sunday afternoon (after I woke up!) Hubby and I took a drive around town to see Toomer's Corner, still 'decorated' after Auburn's big win on Saturday. And then he was nice enough to drop me off to do my grocery shopping. So that's done for the week!

Guess what I'm doing today? Yup, you got it right! I'm SEWING! I took a bit of time Friday morning to cut out strips for my TWO Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts. I'm ready to make those nine patches!

One reason I've been away from the blog for several days is that my computer charge cord died. My battery was almost dead and I had no way to charge it. I prefer blogging from my computer rather than my iPad. I immediately ordered a new charge cord from Amazon and thankfully, I'm back in business with a fully charged computer.

By the way...
I'm cohosting a small Rodan and Fields event on Facebook this week - it begins today. You do not have to be a current customer to join the fun. You are under NO obligation to buy anything at all. BUT, you just might win a great prize. There are FOUR prizes up for grabs. I know that one prize is valued at over $150! And I will say that the odds are pretty good of winning something! If you'd like to be a part of this, please send me a friend request on Facebook (Julia Cheape Wood) if we are not already FB friends - I'll add you to the private event. It's that simple! It should be fun and I'll be on there live on Tuesday.

Enjoy your day!

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