Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Christmas Quilt Beginning...

After my dentist appointment, I started a Christmas quilt! I've never been one for seasonal quilts - seems like a lot of work for a quilt that will only be 'out' for a few weeks of the year. But I've changed my tune. Now that we live in a much smaller home and I cut WAY back on Christmas decorations, I think a few Christmas quilts would be nice to add to the ambiance during the holiday season.

I didn't use a pattern for these trees - just winging it! Kind of cute, huh?

Last night I attended the neighborhood Ladies Club meeting. There were lots of donated items that were raffled. I was lucky to win a platter of homemade cinnamon rolls! When I came home they went straight into the freezer for a later date when we have family around. I donated a wallhanging quilt and the recipient seems happy with it.

I'm so blessed that we have landed in a neighborhood with so many really wonderful people. We love it here.

Enjoy your day!

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