Sunday, November 5, 2017

Only a Bit of Sewing

Have you noticed I haven't been my usual sewing self lately? I haven't sat with my machine in quite some time. And I only have this little bit of hand appliqué to show. It's been rather crazy around here and there just hasn't been a block of time for sewing.

I'm hoping to change that this week!

I want to get back on my secret nine-patch project. I want to pick up Bring Me Flowers again. I have some wool fabric that needs cutting to size. And yes, I want to pull fabric for the Bonnie Hunter mystery!

BUT, I also have some bathroom drawers that need cleaning out and organizing, some over ripe bananas waiting for me to make banana bread, and....a few other chores. There should be time for everything this week - just need to jump in headfirst!

It makes me feel better to have listed all these things here - now I have a plan.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. For everything there is a season. Funnily, I have banana bread to make, too.


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