Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Yesterday I basted a quilt! I know...where's the quilt top? I took a photo before I placed it on the batting...secret project, you know.... Anyway, it's ready to be quilted now.

What wrong with this picture? Hahaha! Little Mickey rules the roost!

My shoulder is almost completely well and that is very good news indeed. I'm ready to get back to sewing and stitching.

These days I want to clean up and organize my sewing room, preparing to begin Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt journey. In fact I've been toying with the idea of making TWO mystery quilts in different color ways. Crazy, right? That's probably asking too much of myself. I was thinking I might make one in Christmas colors, too? I'm going to have to think this through first....

Enjoy you day!

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  1. You know I enjoy seeing your quilts and sewing you do...BUT I just LOVE pics of your dogs and this one is adorable!!!


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